Stories Cut Differently - Liana

Stories Cut Differently - Liana

September 28, 2017

Meet Liana,

Hockey girl

Transcribed from the audio: 

     Hi, I’m Liana, I’m 30 years old and I’m currently an MD/PHD student at Stanford. Right now I am working on my PHD in neuroscience and in college I played ice hockey at Ohio State. I remember when I was interviewing at Stanford about seven years ago, I was being interviewed by a transgender professor there, and as he was looking at my application he said to me, “You played hockey, you majored in physics, and now you’re going into a MD/PhD program. You do know these are all male dominated things?” At the time, I didn’t know he was trans or a pioneer in gender equality. I remember thinking, is this a trick question? Should I not be interested in stuff that guys do? Why do people like to bring up this fact? And looking back, this has been a constant theme in my life. And I’ve never really cared if something was for boys or for girls … I was going to explore whatever I was interested in. For more on Liana's story click on the full audio interview above. 


Hi, Meredith here from bre33. According to a survey sponsored by Always, 7 out of 10 girls quit sports during puberty because they feel they don't belong. I for one won't forget Liana's great "watch me” take on getting it done in gender slanted situations. We are making clothes with that in mind, no girly stereotypes. So a shout out to Liana from bre33 and thanks for your words. This is one of my fav videos by Always #LikeAGirl campaign that sheds light on the situation in a real kind of way :) 

We followed up with Liana and asked what some of her favorite bre33 items are and why. She had this to say...

"I have been looking for a fit like this for a while. I feel like these clothes were specifically made for me. I have pretty big shoulders so the looser fit and longer sleeves is ideal for me and makes me feel less constricted. It's hard to find that kind of thing these days in women's departments. I bought the Serious Swag Fleece Capris in both colors and I pretty much wear them every day. The athletics are also really great. The shorts are the perfect length, not too baggy and not super short with enough room to breathe. Great material too. "


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